Project Learning Tree's Background

PLT was developed through a joint effort of the American Forest Council (AFC) and the Western Regional Environmental Education Council (WREEC). The materials were written by classroom teachers and other educators, resource agency personnel, representatives of private conservation groups, and forest company representatives.
PLT has reached over 100,000 educators and more than seven million students in 49 states and four foreign countries since it was field tested and revised by classroom teachers in 1977. Research and field surveyors show PLT to be an effective teaching tool.

Project Learning Tree began in West Virginia in January 1976. It has been enthusiastically received by teachers and youth leaders. Nearly 300 people have been certified as workshop leaders, and over 5,000 teachers and youth group leaders have attended a local workshop to learn about using the activities with young people. A strong state steering committee is responsible for financing and operating the West Virginia PLT program.