Nominations Period Open for the

2023 West Virginia Outstanding Logger Award

The WVFA “WV Outstanding Logger” award program is designed to recognize outstanding independent logging contractor performance. Through the recognition of competent professional logging contractors within the forestry community, the broader forest industry has a model to emulate and raise our overall performance and image. Additionally, recognition programs such as this help improve forester-logger-landowner relations by publicly recognizing outstanding logging performance as an essential element of every planned timber harvest.

Click Here to enter your simplified nomination today!  Nominators will just need some basic information about the logging business they are nominating (name, address, and such) and a few sentences explaining “What makes this nominee an outstanding logger – with safety, BMPs, business practices, and community invovlement,”  If your nominee is selected as the 2023 WV Outstanding Logger, the nominator (YOU!) will receive a reward of $100.

Completed nominations forms must be submitted through the online form no later than April 15, 2023.

Outstanding Logger Award Committee Chair: Mike Moran |

Evaluation Process:

Nominees will be evaluated based on the suggested guidelines provided below. Consideration will be given to the type of operation, equipment involved, the desired results, available markets, economic limitations of the logger, and limitations by the landowner specifications.

The minimum requirements for nomination of “WV Outstanding Logger” are:

  • All timbering operations will have “Notification Forms” on file with the WV Division of Forestry.
  • Appropriate safety gear for eye, ear, head, foot, hand, and leg protection will be mandatory for all employees as hazards dictate.
  • Logger must be in good standing with the WV Division of Forestry.

Nominators may nominate more than one logger, however, those loggers previously selected as “WV Outstanding Logger” cannot be nominated the following year.

The WV Outstanding Logger Selection Committee will evaluate each written nomination and select 3 State Finalists based on the details provided in the written nomination in May and conduct field visits to select the State Winner by early June.

The State Finalists and the State Winner will be recognized by the WVFA at the Annual Meeting in July at Canaan Valley State Park.

“WV Outstanding Logger” Award Guidelines

The following five sections of the nomination form, which request forest management, timber harvesting, business management, safety, and other information, should be answered in narrative form. The statements and questions listed under each section are designed to help you cover important information about the nominee in each area. All questions need not be covered, and the questions are by no means all-inclusive.

  • Nominee establishes and enforces harvesting and transportation safety standards/regulations/practices…and personally adheres to them?
  • Nominee and employees use personal protective equipment?
  • Nominee provides safety training for employees?
  • Describe safety features or modifications on harvesting/transportation equipment.
  • Nominee has developed unique approaches to safety (i.e. bonus for the number of hours of safe work, etc.).
  • Other safety information?
Forest Management
  • Nominee knows and follows AF&PA’s Sustainable Forestry Guidelines.
  • List types of harvest (clearcut, selection, thinning, etc.) performed by nominee.
  • Describe how nominee plans, constructs, and retires landings and road systems.
  • Nominee follows forest management plans?
  • Nominee carries out soil erosion protection measures?
  • Nominee has developed some unique approaches to forest management with landowners?
  • Other forest management information?
Timber Harvesting
  • Describe nominee’s major harvesting and transportation equipment mix.
  • Scheduled maintenance program
  • Appearance of equipment?
  • Nominee’s utilization standards?
  • Nominee practices top and slash disposal?
  • Nominee concerned with aesthetics of timber harvesting?
    Nominee cleans up landings at job completion?
  • Nominee leaves buffer strips?
  • Nominee adheres to local timber harvesting ordinances/regulations?
  • Nominee has harvested timber from certified Tree Farms?
  • Other timber harvesting information?
Business Management
  • List number and job titles of nominee’s employees.
  • Describe relationship between nominee and local business community.
  • Nominee uses written contracts when purchasing or cutting and hauling timber?
  • Describe nominee’s payroll and bookkeeping system.
  • Other business management information?
  • Nominee’s previous awards?
  • Does nominee have any family involvement in the business?
  • Nominee distributes literature (forest management, association membership, safety, etc.)?
  • Describe how nominee handles referrals for forest management assistance.
  • Describe any presentations on logging/harvesting made by nominee.
  • List or describe any news articles, press coverage, etc. on logging/timber harvesting by nominee.
  • Does nominee participate in Log A Load For Kids campaign or other charitable fund-raising activities?
  • Other