Landowner Benefits

As a certified tree farmer you will find great pride and satisfaction in managing your forest resources while protecting the interests of your family and others. For your effort you will receive a certificate identifying your woodlands as a Tree Farm. And with that comes the green and white Tree Farm sign that tells everyone you are a concerned forest manager and conservationist. You may even be recognized as an outstanding tree farmer. This honor would allow you to compete with other tree farmers at district, state, regional, and national levels.

As a forest manager your woodlands may produce more forest products than you might have thought possible. Increased yields mean additional income for you and your family.

Tree Farmers enjoy their forests for varied reasons. Some take an active role in the actual application of forest management practices. Others take pleasure in the recreation and aesthetic values, while allowing professionals and laborers to perform the work.

An additional benefit of your participation in the Tree Farm Program will be your interaction with a professional forester as he or she inspects your woodland during certification and recertification visits. More than 75 professional foresters from across the State donate their time to the Tree Farm Program. Their expertise will be invaluable to you as you make management decisions concerning your woodlands. These certification visits are made at no cost to you.